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30 December 2016

Arkansas National Guard

Camp Joseph T. Robinson, North Little Rock, AR.

Civil Operations Support

     Mission 6a. DDR Education and Programs: This mission implements standardized, measurable and evidenced based educational programs. DDR education and programs will use standard methods to measure the desired outcomes and ensure mission fidelity. The role of DDR personnel in this mission is to increase awareness, provide guidance, and facilitate collaboration to motivate our nationís youth to be drug-free. These DDR programs will include:

  • Programs designed to increase awareness and motivation towards positive changes in knowledge, attitude and intent. These desired outcomes must be measured to determine mission effectiveness.
  • Programs designed to provide guidance and facilitate constructive changes in DDR prevention policy, procedures and practices.
  • Aerial visual techniques, including infrared/thermal imagery, and photographic reconnaissance.
  • Photo reconnaissance/film processing.

     Mission 6b. DDR Support: The National Guard DDR mission also supports efforts led by community based organizations that are designed to provide rewards and incentives, alternative activities (countering) and environmental strategies to help our nationís youth make the commitment to be drug-free. These comprehensive support strategies include, but not limited to:

  • Facilitating collaboration and increasing the capacity, sustainability, and synergy of coalitions and partnerships.
  • Supporting reward and reinforcement events/activities that focus on the implementation of effective incentives, use of motivational methods, and measurement of positive changes toward drug-free behavior.
  • Supporting drug prevention activities that focus on the implementation of alternative activities proven to provide positive modeling and motivation which create the opportunity for drug-free experiences leading to a drug free life.
  • Supporting community-led efforts to develop environmental strategies that assist in changing written and unwritten community standards, codes, and attitudes, thereby reducing the demand, incidence and prevalence of illegal drug use and the illegal use of prescribed drugs in the general population.
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