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30 December 2016

Arkansas National Guard

Camp Joseph T. Robinson, North Little Rock, AR.

General Support

     Mission 3a. Domestic Cannabis Suppression Operations Support. Support of LEA domestic cannabis suppression and eradication operations. This includes, but is not limited to, aerial support, logistic support, communications support, intelligence, planning support, operational staff coordination, medical support, physical security, ground transportation, eradication and destruction of contraband, and spraying of herbicides, IAW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and state laws.

     Mission 3b. Transportation Support. Provide transportation and controlled deliveries (aerial, ground, or maritime) of LEA personnel/equipment, persons in LEA custody, seized property or contraband as part of ongoing time-sensitive CD operations, when security or other special circumstances reasonably necessitate National Guard support and there is a counterdrug nexus. Routine administrative aerial transportation is not permitted under this mission nor are missions that compete with private enterprise. LEA officers are responsible for the security of any evidence or persons in their custody. Provide ground transportation of youth, adults, and associated equipment and supplies for community/state demand reduction program activities.

     Mission 3c. Maintenance/Logistical Support. Provide maintenance/logistical support of LEA vehicles and equipment to enhance the CD effectiveness of the supported agency and release Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) for drug enforcement duties. General maintenance/logistics support for non-CD vehicles and equipment is prohibited.

     Mission 3d. Cargo/Mail Inspection. Assist LEAs by inspecting cargo and mail. Primary emphasis will be placed on ports of entry (POEs) and functional equivalents. Cargo/Mail includes, but is not limited, to vehicles, containers, commercial cargo, aircraft, watercraft, baggage, and mail. National Guard personnel will not make arrests, conduct searches of individuals, seize property, or enter into the chain of evidence. LEOs must be present at inspection sites, make seizures, maintain custody of evidence, and maintain control of vehicle occupants.

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