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Montgomery GI Bill

    The Montgomery GI Bill was established in 1944 to provide service members the opportunity to resume their education or technical training after discharge from military service during and after WWII.

    Under the 1944 legislation the GI Bill provides special benefits which are due to the members of our armed forces for they "have been compelled to make greater economic sacrifice and every other kind of sacrifice than the rest of us, and are entitled to definite action to help take care of their special problems.”

    Since the original GI Bill of1944, additional GI Bill programs have been added to meet the needs of our service members for the duty and dedication in fighting our nation’s war since World War II.

These programs include:
- Active Duty MGIB-AD), Chapter 30
- Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), Chapter 1606
- Chapter 1606 for MGIB-SR kicker
- Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP), Chapter 1607
- Post 9/11 GI Bill, Chapter 33. See links under Chapter 33 for additional benefits and Post 9/11 transferability to your spouse or children.

To Apply for VA benefits click here.


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