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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016

All Guard Team Shooter

    The focus of the All Guard Team is to develop a group of Soldiers and Airmen to compete with various service rifles and pistols at the highest levels. The highest scoring competitors at WPW will be invited to the tryouts.


    The format is an intensive and structured seven day training session that will include classroom instruction and range time, firing rifles, pistols and long range weapons. All shooting will be coached and all competitors will be mentored by highly skilled and decorated marksmen. Participants will shoot side by side with existing All Guard members. Even those that are not selected will receive invaluable training and will leave much better marksmen.

     After selection, team members will continue to be evaluated and trained, gradually focusing on a primary weapon, while continuing to develop in all disciplines. Team members will attend various competitions based on their skill and development.

     Selectees must be prepared for a minimum time commitment of 6-8 weeks per year, some weekends and a willingness to support home state unit level training. They must remain in good standing with their unit of assignment. Selectees must also maintain a high level of physical fitness and military bearing, and have no adverse actions such as flags or profiles.

How to Apply

    Any of your team members interested in making the commitment to be an All Guard Team member should apply through your State Marksmanship Coordinator t o the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center.

Please direct all questions and/or applications to Email NGMTC

Click Here to watch the All Guard Team Informational Video.
Camp Robinson (RMTC)
North Little Rock

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