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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016

Chief, National Guard Bureau
Postal Match Championship

  1. The Chief, National Guard Bureau (CNGB) Postal Match Championship is a competition that promotes basic individual rifle and pistol marksmanship skills at the unit level by allowing participation by as many competitors as possible.
  2. The CNGB Postal Matches has three phases of competition: A Postal phase, a Marksmanship Advisory Council (MAC) phase, and a National Championship shoulder-to-shoulder phase.
    1. Phase I Postal Phase
      1. The postal phase gives competitors an opportunity to test their marksmanship sills against other Soldiers and Airmen in their unit and state utilizing the Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS) or air rifles.
      2. The 25m target is authorized for the rifle portion. Matches and results must be fired and forwarded to the NGMTC. Each Soldier or Airman can compete as many times as desired, but only one result can be submitted for scoring. Once submitted to the NGMTC, then no other results for that individual will be accepted.
    2. Phase II MAC Region Phase
      1. Phase II is a paper aggregate match. NGMTC will receive all Phase I results, sort them by MAC region, and publish a results bulletin. The results bulletin determines the top four competitors per MAC.
    3. Phase III National Championship
      1. This is a three day rifle and pistol live fire competition conducted at the NGMTC at Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas. The top 4 competitors per MAC Region in Phase II will receive automatic invitation to compete. The individual winner of Phase III is the competitor earning the highest aggregate score, and is the overall CNGB Postal Match champion.
    4. How to compete
      1. If you are in the National Guard, you should contact your State Marksmanship Coordinator (SMC) or Base Marksmanship Coordinator (BMC). Please contact us if you need assistance locating your SMC or BMC.

Click Here to Watch the CNGB Informational Video.
Camp Robinson (RMTC)
North Little Rock

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