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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016

Small Arms Weapons Expert

The Small Arms Weapons Expert course (SAW-E) is designed to train selected NCOs as small arms subject matter experts. Small arms weapons experts provide commander with technical experts to assist in the planning and implementation of small arms weapons systems training, maintenance, and qualifications.

The SAW-E course is an updated version of a course not taught since 2007. It encompasses the same information as the previous Small Arms Master Gunner course, but includes training on the M203/M320 and M9 weapons systems. Additionally, the SAW-E course includes night fire and instruction on the tactical employment of each weapon system.

Questions concerning the SAW-E course may be directed to the NGMTC, (DSN) 962-4554/4381 or (Comm) (501) 212-4554/4381.

For a current listing of all our school dates, please search the ATRRS Course Catalog under the appropriate fiscal year, school code 1029, and course number 964-SAW-E.

Camp Robinson (RMTC)
North Little Rock

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