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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016

Sniper School

The Sniper School provides training in sniper specific skills to National Guard personnel. Subjects covered during the course include: long range marksmanship, stalking and individual movement, call for fire and close air support, armor and weapon identification, basic ballistics and sniper employment options for specific mission requirements.

The Sniper School is limited to E-3 through E-7 personnel. Exceptions are made to the grade requirements for personnel such as Scout Platoon Leaders, and Special Forces team members. The Sniper School is open to Career Management Fields 11, 13, 18 or 19.

This course is primarily oriented toward Sniper Operations in support of infantry battalions with training on urban and civil disturbance operations. The course is now conducted in two 3-week phases. Phase I is primarily marksmanship training with the M110 weapon system while Phase II is a combination of marksmanship and field craft training. You must successfully complete Phase I before you can attend Phase II.

Phase I is taught at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, while Phase II is mainly conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. This course currently accepts 32 students per class and the quotas are in high demand. Therefore, states should plan at least 6 months prior to a class date to input prospective students into ATRRS. All applications must be made through the ATRRS system. Personnel must meet the following prerequisites to attend:

Must be of Combat Arms MOS in the rank of PFC and above.
Must have a SECRET Clearance or Interim Clearance Paperwork
Must be on Active duty, the Reserve Component, or National Guard.
Must have a good performance record with no history of alcohol or drug abuse.
Must be a volunteer and be recommended by their Commander.
Must be in excellent physical condition.
Must have physical exam for sniper school completed within 12 months.
Must be able to obtain 70 points or better in each event of the APFT for their age group.
Must meet standards IAW AR 600-9 at the time of in-processing.
Must have 20/20 vision or corrected vision to 20/20, annotated on physical exam.
Must pass color blind test, annotated on physical exam.
Must pass psychological evaluation (MMPI/CPI) conducted under the direction of a qualified Psychologist.
Must have a GT score of 100 or higher (NO Waivers).
Must not have a record of disciplinary action.
Must qualify expert with the M16A2 Rifle (M4 Carbine) within six (6) months of course attendance.

Graduates of the Sniper School can be utilized to conduct state level sniper familiarization training and assist in the selection of other personnel within the state to attend the Sniper School. Only successful graduates who hold the 11B MOS will be awarded the Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) B4 Sniper, per DA PAM 611-21, Ch 12, table 12-2.

Questions concerning the Sniper course may be directed to the NGMTC, (DSN) 962-4574/4552 or (Comm) (501) 212-4574/4552.

For a current listing of all our school dates, please search the ATRRS Course Catalog under the appropriate fiscal year, school code 1029, and course number 071-ASIB4 Phase I and Phase II.

Click Here to Watch the Sniper School Informational Video.

Camp Robinson (RMTC)
North Little Rock

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