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   State Families Program
   Camp Robinson Box 27
   Joint Service Support Bldg.
   North Little Rock, AR 72199

   Robinson Maneuver
   Training Center
   Joint Services Support
   Bldg 7301
   Kansas Ave
   North Little Rock, AR



Information and resources for
Arkansas National Guard Members
and their families

  1. Identification and CAC Cards
    1. Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Office (DEERS)
    2. 501-212-5065   .   501-212-5037   .   501-212-4041
      1. Go through RMTC front gate, on 7th Street
      2. Go to crest of hill and at the stop sign turn left on 8th Street
      3. Continue on 8th Street past Arkansas Avenue
      4. At the next stop sign turn right on Kansas Avenue
      5. The DEERS office is the tan building on your left
      6. Building 7301
  2. Arkansas National Guard Emergency Relief Funds
    1. Arkansas Reserve Component Emergency Relief Fund
      1. Grants & loans for Reserve components/deployed or mobilized members or families. The ARRC-ERF is not a state agency or federal entity and is administered by a board of directors.
    2. Arkansas Military Family Relief Trust Fund
      1. Grants provided to Arkansas National Guard members and /or families impacted by active duty service. Funded through the Secretary of State’s office.
  3. Employer Assistance
    1. ESGR facilitates and promotes a cooperative culture of employer support for National Guard and Reserve service by developing and advocating mutually beneficial initiatives; recognizing outstanding employer support; increasing awareness of applicable laws and policies; resolving potential conflicts between employers and their service members; and acting as the employers’ principal advocate within DoD.
  4. Family Assistance Coordinators
    1. The Arkansas National Guard Family Assistance Coordinators can help you with many different issues and questions. For referrals, questions or concerns please contact the Family Assistant Center (FAC) closest to your home. These centers are here to act as a resource to family members. The centers are readily available to family members, regardless of component. The FACs provide services such as: help with Legal Matters, Financial Assistance, Information and Referral, Local and National Emergencies, Coordination with rear detachments of deployments, Problem Solving, Crisis Resolution and Rumor Control.
  5. Education & Training
    1. The Arkansas National Guard education benefits program and services can help you pursue Associate, Bachelor, Master’s, and Professional Degrees. It will also help you receive vocational & technical certificates and licensures.

This site does not purport to constitute a
comprehensive list of all resources.

About the Arkansas National Guard

Since 1804 the Arkansas National Guard has proudly served as a community-based, combat-proven force of citizen Soldiers and Airmen. Over 8,600 men and women continue to achieve greatness as we move forward in the global war on terrorism, protect our homeland and serve as leaders in our communities as a competent, capable and diverse force.

Arkansas National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are trained professionals. We are well-equipped with warfighting and disaster response skills to ensure mission success, whether on foreign soil or performing civil support missions here in Arkansas. The Arkansas National Guard continues to prove we have the best Soldiers and Airmen in the nation.

The Arkansas National Guard has four major training sites. The Army National Guard at Robinson Maneuver Training Center (Camp Robinson) in North Little Rock, and Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center near Ft. Smith, and the Air National Guard at Ebbing Air National Guard Base in Ft. Smith and Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville.

If you are/were in the ARKANSAS ARMY NATIONAL GUARD within the last 45 years:
Please fill out the following request form, SF 180 

Print and send the completed form to:


The Adjutant General of Arkansas 

DCSPER Bldg 7202, Box 2
Attn: Records Request
Camp Joseph T. Robinson
N. Little Rock, AR 72199


If you were in the ARKANSAS ARMY NATIONAL GUARD more than 45 years ago:
Please contact the Arkansas State Archives:

By phone:

By mail:
Arkansas State Archives
#1 Capitol Mall 2B215
Little Rock, AR 72201

If you are/were in the ARKANSAS AIR NATIONAL GUARD:
Please fill out the following request form, SF 180 

Print and send the completed form to:

501-212-5009, Attention: Records Request

Email: OR

501-212-5034 / 5051

The Adjutant General of Arkansas 
Box 20
Attn: Air Guard Request
Camp Joseph T. Robinson
N. Little Rock, AR 72199

If you were in another branch of Service:
Active Army, Army Reserves, Active Air force, Air Force Reserves, Marines, Marine Reserves, Active Navy or Navy Reserve

Please visit the National Archives website at

Another point of contact for the Active Army is the US Army Human Resources Command (HRC)

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Office (DEERS)

For more information about obtaining an ID Card or Common Access Card please click “Here

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Offices (DEERS) sites:

Robinson Maneuver Training Center (Camp Robinson): 501-212-5065 or 501-212-5037  
1.) Go through RMTC front gate, on 7th Street
2.) Go to crest of hill and at the stop sign turn left on 8th Street
3.) Continue on 8th Street past Arkansas Avenue
4.) At the next stop sign turn right on Kansas Avenue
5.) The DEERS office is the tan building on your left
6.) Building 7301


Central Arkansas
Little Rock AFB (active duty) 501-987-6831
Little Rock AFB (189th Airlift Wing) 501-987-6703
Russellville 501-212-7312 or 501-212-7322 
Pine Bluff Arsenal 870-540-3787

Northwest Arkansas
Bentonville AFRC 501-212-7421
Ft. Smith (188th Wing) 479-573-5761 or 479-573-5766 
Ft. Chaffee, Barling 479-484-3941 

Northeast Arkansas
Jonesboro 501-212-7081
Memphis (164th Airlift Wing) 901-291-7220

Southeast Arkansas
Memphis (164th Airlift Wing) 901-291-7220
Pine Bluff Arsenal 870-540-3787

South/Southwest Arkansas
Barksdale AFB 318-456-3710
Texarkana (Red River Army Depot) 903-334-2608 or 903-334-2716 
Pine Bluff Arsenal 870-540-3787


Obtaining an ID card or CAC:



If your Sponsor is not with you at the DEERS Office, you will need a current DD Form 1172-2 signed within 90 days or a valid Power of Attorney.
The DD Form 1172-2 must be signed by the sponsor in one of the following ways:
1. With a DEERS Verifying Official.
2. Digitally signed by CAC.
3. Notarized with a wet signature.

Identification (original documents or certified copy, no exceptions):
You must present TWO valid/current forms of identification from the Lists of Acceptable Documents from the Form I-9.
We cannot process your request without this documentation.
1. One photo ID is required.
2. One second form of ID required with or without photo.
Expired id’s will not be accepted, no localized work ID’s will be accepted, current ID must be no more than 30 days out of expiration to receive new ID unless going tdy.

Lost or stolen CAC’s (original documents or certified copy, no exceptions):
1. Must have two forms of valid ID.
2. Must have a Memorandum for Record or a DA Form 4856 by your NCOIC or Commander of your unit. If you’re a civilian, the memorandum must be from your supervisor.

To add a new spouse in DEERS/RAPIDS (original documents or certified copy, no exceptions):
1. Spouse’s Driver’s License or State ID with new last name.
2. Marriage Certificate.
3. Birth Certificate.
4. Social Security Card with or without new last name.

To add a child in DEERS/RAPIDS (original documents or certified copy, no exceptions):
1. Child’s birth certificate or hospital proof of birth certificate.
2. Child’s Social Security Card.
3. Stepchild – must have marriage certificate in addition to Social Security card and birth certificate.
4. Ward, Custody, Foster, Adoption or Incapacitation – must have court documents.
5. Illegitimate child – must have court documents or Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity notarized.

Children ID’s:
1. Children age 10-20 can be issued a Dependent Military ID with a signed DD 1172-2 from sponsor.
2. Children age 21-23 can receive ID if enrolled as a FULL-TIME (not part-time) student at an accredited college. Must bring in original letter from Registrar’s Office stating child’s name, enrolled as a full-time student, semester attending, and expected graduation date. Student schedule is not accepted.
3. Children 23-26 can receive an ID if enrolled in the Tricare Young Adult Program. That must be set-up first through Tricare, not with us.

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